Category: Trip-Hop & Electronica

Post Dubstep

Stone Cold Crazy Vol.4

James Blake – Life Round Here
XXYYXX – About You
Fumitake Uchida – AH Session
SOHN – the Wheel
fLako – Eclosure
Mala – Changes (James Blake remix)

Electro Jazz

Jazz is the Color Vol.4

Antoine Duhamel – Ferdinand (Sporto Kantes remix)
Weedy of 40 Winks – Patterns
Skalpel – So Far
Radio Citizen – Thema
Nils Petter Molvaer – Vilderness (the Cinematic Orchestra remix)
Xploding Plastix – Sports, Not Heavy Crime

Serge Gainsbourg

Cargo Culte

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – the Gambling Priest
Quakers – the Beginning
Blackjoy – In the Days of Mr Train
Beck – Paper Tiger
Serge Gainsbourg – Cargo Culte


Snow at Night Vol.2

Ifan Dafydd – No Good
Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
Portico Quartet – Steepless (Capac remix)
Tuesday Born – If I Were
James Blake – I Mind
Jessie Ware & Sampha – Valentine

Chill Out

Sunny Afternoon

Electric Egypt – the Invisible Spectrum
Michel Portal, Stephen Kent & Mino Cinelu – Canon
Ramiro Musotto – Mbira
Ocelote Rojo – Untitled #1
Frédéric Galliano – Plis Infinis No.3
Neotropic – Micro-Cosmic
the Cinematic Orchestra – Into You

Trip-Hop Jazz

Jazz is the Color Vol.2

40 Winks – Outside the Box
Free the Robots – Session Two
the Cinematic Orchestra – It Getz Around
Skalpel – Theme from Behind the Curtain
Loka – Tabernacle Part 2
Dwight Trible – Life Force (Instru)
Hidden Orchestra – Footsteps…

Podcast Folk Blues

Dead Birds

Beirut – My Wife
Man Man – 10 lb. Moustache
Jason Edwards – Bourbon Ouest
C. W. Stoneking – Don’t Go Dancing
Tom Waits – Tango till they’re Sore
Arthur H – Interlude
Welch, Krauss & Harris – Didn’t Leave Nobody…

Podcast Dubstep

Stone Cold Crazy Vol.3

CHLLNGR – Truths & Rights (Dr Echo remix)
Jai Paul – BTSTU
James Blake – I Never Learnt to Share
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me
Baths – Lovely Bloodflow
Filastine – Autology

Podcast Trip-Hop

Snow at Night Vol.1

Electric Egypt – Pure Meditation
Blundetto – Bad Bad Things
Dj Shadow – What does your Soul look like (Part 4)
the Heliocentrics – Winter Song
Al Quetz aka Quetzal – Stolen Land (the IMF vs Africa)
UNKLE – If you find the Earth Boring (UNKLE mix)