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9 Responses

  1. Sassee says:


  2. thanks for the heads up mate…appreciated and really like the mix…M.O.O.D.Y!!
    All the best dude.

  3. The Pursuit Studio says:

    Yeah . . . On fire! Thanks for lighting up my morning this way. ~Val

  4. Hot one. Check out my hot hot mix

  5. Gypsy LeGray says:

    Smooth Hip Hop niceness!

  6. Downtown black and brown says:

    That first cut on the mix is nasty!

  7. Flora says:

    Last song is crazy but the whole mix is amazing!!

  8. Milena says:

    thank you !!! :))) nice work

  9. Yoh says:

    Sorti le jour de mon anniversaire, ce mix est juste un pur enchainement de pépites!!! Bah du coup c’est cadeau pour moi!!! Bien joué… Grosse régalade!
    Des bises amigo…

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