Trip-Hop & Electronica

Podcast Folk Blues

Dead Birds

Beirut – My Wife
Man Man – 10 lb. Moustache
Jason Edwards – Bourbon Ouest
C. W. Stoneking – Don’t Go Dancing
Tom Waits – Tango till they’re Sore
Arthur H – Interlude
Welch, Krauss & Harris – Didn’t Leave Nobody…

Podcast Dubstep

Stone Cold Crazy Vol.3

CHLLNGR – Truths & Rights (Dr Echo remix)
Jai Paul – BTSTU
James Blake – I Never Learnt to Share
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me
Baths – Lovely Bloodflow
Filastine – Autology

Podcast Trip-Hop

Snow at Night Vol.1

Electric Egypt – Pure Meditation
Blundetto – Bad Bad Things
Dj Shadow – What does your Soul look like (Part 4)
the Heliocentrics – Winter Song
Al Quetz aka Quetzal – Stolen Land (the IMF vs Africa)
UNKLE – If you find the Earth Boring (UNKLE mix)

Podcast Reggae Trip-Hop

Voices Vol.2

Blundetto – Voices (Blundetto Dubadub)
Up, Bustle & Out – Everyday
Ancient Astronauts – Surfing the Silvatide
Ticklah – Si Hecho Palante (feat. Mayra Vega)
JStar – Unbreak my Dub
Easy Stars All-Stars – the Great Gig in the Sky (Dubphonic remix)

Podcast Trip-Hop

Stone Cold Crazy Vol.2

Julien Lourau – Dark
Gonjasufi – Kobwebz
Nils Peter Molvaer – Songs of Sand
Sofa Surfers – Gamelan
Amon Tobin – Chronic Tronic
Kevin Yost – Truth Be Told
Radio Citizen – Mondlicht
Dj Shadow – Dark Days

Podcast Electro Folk

Turning Wheel

Sublime – Krs One
Pressure Drop – Sound of Time
Illinois – Nosebleed
Bob Dylan – It’s Alright, Ma (J.Period remix)
Fog – Pneumonia
Victor Malloy – the Girl who wasn’t there (Quantic mix)
Fink – If Only (Drumbasswurlitzer Blackjoy edit)

Podcast Electro Pop

Bitter Sugar

Lemonade – Lifted
Outlines – Listen to the Drums
Gabriel Rios – Broad Daylight
the Streets – I Love You More (than you like me)
the Books – There is No There
Dimlite – Can’t get used to those (Afterlude)

Podcast Electro Pop

Stone Cold Crazy Vol.1

Greg Weeks – Made
Paul Lansky – Mild und Leise
Radiohead – Idioteque
Fragile – the Day he crossed a lower Sky
Hot Chip – Playboy
REM – I’ve Been High (Matthew Herbert remix)

Podcast Electro Blues

Delta and Omega

Money Mark – Cry
Doctor L – Why
Oscar Brown Jr – Brother Where Are You (Matthew Herbert remix)
Blend Crafters – Bad Luck Blues
Dj Vadim – Sufferin’ Blues (feat. Jill Green)
Recloose – Cardiology