Art Melody

African Hip-Hop

Afronomy Vol.9

Gebaste Rhymes – Kaap Issie Bom
Yao Bobby – Wawoe
Pato – Keep It Real
Djanta Kan – Avoude
OFX – Lève
Art Melody – Farafina
Negrissim – Un son pour avancer

Afrobeat Hip-Hop

Afronomy Vol.8

Blitz the Ambassador – Victory
Mix Master Mike + Lateef & Gift of Gab – Kalakuta Show
Gummy Soul – Breakadawn
Da Bush Babees – the Love Song (Boulaone remix)
Lord Finesse & Ebo Taylor – Keep the Crowd in Heaven
Rocket Juice & the Moon – the Unfadable
Art Melody – Rogomiki…