Oxmo Puccino

French rapper born on August, 3 or 4 1974 in Ségou, Mali. He came to Paris one year later, and lived in the XIXe arrondissement from the age of 5. He is the brother of basketball player Mamoutou Diarra. At age 21 Oxmo began his collaboration with the rap collective Time Bomb, honing his craft alongside artists like Booba and Diam’s.

French Hip-Hop

Steel Grooving Vol.4

La Brigade – 16 Rimes (feat. Lunatic)
Lone – Je représente (feat. Busta Flex)
Dimension Ouest Cartel – 30 millions d’Ennemis
Oxmo Puccino – Premier Suicide
La Cliqua – Comme Une Sarbacane
Ill – Les Bidons Veulent Le Guidon
Soul Choc – les Braqués


Steel Grooving Vol.2

Oxmo Puccino – Pucc’ Fiction
Mos Def & Talib Kweli – Twice Inna Lifetime
5 Majeur – Coup d’Pouce
Daz-Ini – Lyriciste Vendetta
Talib Kweli – NY Weather Report
IAM – Demain, c’est Loin

Podcast Hip-Hop Jazz

Nuit Noire

Miles Davis – Générique
Rocé – l’Un et le Multiple
Meat Katie – Long to belong
Oxmo Puccino – la Roulette Russe
Woima Collective – the Cave
IsWhat?! – Lies

Podcast Hip-Hop

Rhythm & Flow Vol.2

Oxmo Puccino – Masterciel
Wale & 9th Wonder – Wordplay
Mos Def – Sun, Moon, Stars
Talib Kweli – Right About Now
Notorious B.I.G. & Frank Sinatra – For Every Man…
Q-Tip – Manwomanboogie