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Afro Bass

Kudutronik Vol.14

Populous – Agadez (feat. Dj Khalab)
fLako – Kuku
Clap! Clap! – Rainy Souls, Gloomy Futures
Dengue Dengue Dengue! – Murdah
Clap! Clap! – A Dream. Wasn’t It
Débruit – Ata (LV remix)

Roots Stepper

Number One Station Vol.18

Lopez Walker – Trial Days (12″ version)
Lopez Walker – Send Another Moses
the Chantells – Man in Love (12″ version)
the Chantells & U-Brown – Children of Jah
the Jewells – Jah-I (12″ version)
Hot Rocks & Jah Loxley – Jah Jah No Partial
Clifton Campbell & Trinity – A New Civilisation

Afro Edits

Afronomy Vol.16

Okoi Seka Athanase – Me Houe Gnoun (edit)
Basa Basa – African Disco Power (edit)
William Onyeabor – Love me Now
Sofrito Specials – Tabou For The People (edit)
William Onyeabor – Good name (edit)
Mamo Lagbema – Love, Music and Dance (edit)

Afro House

Africaz Most Wanted Vol.2

Sonikgroove – Chineke Me (remix)
Afrikan Roots – Akulu Woo (instrumental)
Black Coffee – Monkey See Monkey Do
Pouvoir Magique – Chalawan
Mo Laudi – the Rebirth of Ubuntu
Emo Kid – Digital Response
Jose Marquez – Belebo (Afro Tech Mix)…

Black Water

Lunar Plane – Salutation
Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (remix)
Mano Le Tough – Energy Flow (remix)
Moderat – Bad Kingdom (Dj Koze remix)
Moderat – Seamonkey
Hubwar – To the End (feat. Nekochan)

Electro Salsa


Ricardo Ray – Stop, Look, Listen (edit)
Pete Rodriguez – I like It Like That (remix)
Justo Betancourt – Pa’ Bravo Yo (remix)
Havana Cultura – Agita (remix)
Pete Rodriguez – Besito con Mozancha (edit)
Joey Pastrana – Cotique All Stars (remix)

Soul Dub

Rainy Day

Marvin Gaye – I heard it Dub (Jstar remix)
Bas Lexter Ensample – Down by the River
Curtis Mayfield – Love is by my Side (remix)
Shoes – Dub & Happiness
Shuggie Otis – Aht Uh Mi Hed (edit)


the Dub Scientist

Scientist – Chemistry
Scientist – Quasar
Scientist – Craftsman Dub
Scientist – De Materialize
Scientist – Extra Time 2
Scientist – Turn on Dub
Barry Brown & Scientist – Peace Dub…

David Katz

10 Tracks by David Katz

the Jiving Juniors – Over the River
Don Drummond – Rain or Shine
Don Drummond – Schooling the Duke
Wesley Germs – Whiplash
Tommy McCook – Mabrouk
the Abysinnians – Declaration of Rights
Generation Gap – Travelling On…