Scotty (David Scott; 1950, in Westmoreland, Jamaica – 27 February 2003, in Kingston, Jamaica) performed as a reggae vocalist and deejay.

Mungo's Hi-Fi

Inna Mungo’s Hi Fi Style

Mungo’s Hi Fi – Spooky Skank Dub
Mungo’s Hi Fi – War Song (feat. Soom T)
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Kung-Fu Drunken Dub
Mungo’s Hi Fi meets Brother Culture – Warning
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Dem Stylee
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Warm Up (feat. Zeb & Scotty)
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Fire Pon A Dubplate…

Mashup Reggae Hip-Hop

“A la fraîche” Summer Tape

Trinity & the Prophets – King Pharaoh’s Plague
Prince Fatty / the Beatles – A Day In The Life
Blundetto – Bossy Me
Barry Brown – Give Love
Scotty – Riddle This
Pupajim – Amplifier
Dennis Brown – Stop the Fussing and Fighting…

Reggae Dub

Number One Station Vol.1

Jah Walton – Stay A Yard & Praise God
Carlton Patterson – Dread Locks Power
Scotty – Draw Your Brakes
Keith & Tex – Stop that Train
Rapper Robert & Jim Brown – Minister for Ganja
Dave & Ansil Collins – Double Barrel
Dr. Alimantado – Poison Flour