British producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Riz Maslen, who records as Neotropic and Small Fish With Spine has been described as one of the most prominent women composers working in post-techno experimental electronics. In addition to her warm electronic programming, Maslen’s music also embraces folk, psychedelic pop and her interest in experimental film-making.

A night at Moody’s

fLako – Gelis
Neotropic – Train to Katoomba
Mo Kolours – Sumerian Mother
Noyce – Lucy
the Books – S is for Everysing
Den Sorte Skole – Le Brin
the Young Gods – Ouverture…


Snow at Night Vol.3

Tuesday Born – Caught
George Maple – OPST
James Blake – Evening Fell Hard for Us
fLako – Honey Drips
Neotropic – Sunflower Girl
Mount Kimbie – Maybes
Nate Connelly – Some Faith

Chill Out

Sunny Afternoon

Electric Egypt – the Invisible Spectrum
Michel Portal, Stephen Kent & Mino Cinelu – Canon
Ramiro Musotto – Mbira
Ocelote Rojo – Untitled #1
Frédéric Galliano – Plis Infinis No.3
Neotropic – Micro-Cosmic
the Cinematic Orchestra – Into You