Mo Kolours

Joseph Deenmamode, known professionally as Mo Kolours, is a half-Mauritian, half-British music producer, percussionist, and vocalist. In 2014, he released his debut self-titled album on expanding independent label One-Handed Music, which was warmly received by critics. The Guardian described the record as a “feat”, labelling it one of their “albums of the year”. In March 2015, he released his latest EP, entitled How I (Rhythm Love Affair).

Jazzy Blunted Beats


Glass Beams – Mirage
Suff Daddy – Angry Ashtray Brothers
James ‘Creole’ Thomas – the Mighty R.P.Y
Jazzbois – Girlfriend
Blackjoy – Saint Exupery
Blackjoy – Guy Debord
Suff Daddy – Gang Sign…

Jazzy Pop

Communication Breakdown

Mo Kolours – Child’s Play
Numa Gama – Entre 1/2
Uffe – Saw Your Laughing
Ken Dang – Born In Borneo (edit)
Uffe – the Fact (VKTR Stepper Mix)
Mo Kolours – Curly Girly
Uffe – I Can Show You High…

Faded Sunset

Contact Field Orchestra – In the Cave
Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Understand Me
Mo Kolours – Texture Like Sun
Ernest Gonzales – Aquarius
.aiden – Natures Quill
FloFilz – Veturna
Jon Casey – Burne…

A night at Moody’s

fLako – Gelis
Neotropic – Train to Katoomba
Mo Kolours – Sumerian Mother
Noyce – Lucy
the Books – S is for Everysing
Den Sorte Skole – Le Brin
the Young Gods – Ouverture…