Jose Marquez

Los Angeles DJ/Producer Jose Marquez’s musical influence is a result of being brought up on a stable diet of Latin and World Music. Always intrigued by electronic sounds, his mission has been to fuse his love of world rhythms with the dance floor. He indeed succeeded when he burst onto the scene in 2010 with memorable remixes & edits of artists such as Celia Cruz, Nina Simone, Oumou Sangare and many others

Afro House

Africaz Most Wanted Vol.2

Sonikgroove – Chineke Me (remix)
Afrikan Roots – Akulu Woo (instrumental)
Black Coffee – Monkey See Monkey Do
Pouvoir Magique – Chalawan
Mo Laudi – the Rebirth of Ubuntu
Emo Kid – Digital Response
Jose Marquez – Belebo (Afro Tech Mix)…

Electro Salsa


Ricardo Ray – Stop, Look, Listen (edit)
Pete Rodriguez – I like It Like That (remix)
Justo Betancourt – Pa’ Bravo Yo (remix)
Havana Cultura – Agita (remix)
Pete Rodriguez – Besito con Mozancha (edit)
Joey Pastrana – Cotique All Stars (remix)

Marmara Overdrive

Von Party – Cobra Kush (feat. Naduve)
Manfredas – Glasswalk (Von Party remix)
Ahmet Kaya – Mavinin Türküsü (fattish’s Rite edit)
Omri Smadar – Muzika Salim
Imarhan – Imarhan (Moscoman remix)
Carrot Green & Selvagem – Vandre (Marvin & Guy Halal Sensation)
Danny Mahboune – Ouzou Mneha…

Electro Tribal

Kudutronik Vol.11

Alma Negra – Mão Negra
La Sancha – Canto del Caribe (Jose Marquez remix)
O’Flynn – Tyrion
Saliva Commandos – Orfa Murd
Dj Fudge – It Began in Africa
Joe Arroyo – La Tortuga (Michel Cleis remix)