Easy Stars All-Stars

Easy Star All-Stars is a reggae collective with a rotating roster of musicians and singers founded by the co-founders (Michael Goldwasser, Eric Smith, Lem Oppenheimer & Remy Gerstein) of New York City-based Easy Star Records in 1997. The first original album by the band, released in 2003, was an interpretation of Pink Floyd’s classic “The Dark Side of the Moon” entitled “Dub Side of the Moon”.

Electro Dub

Inna Dub Style Vol.10

Kanka – Step Forward
Radikal Guru – King Kong
Digital Dubs – Upbeat Vibes
Easy Stars All-Stars – On the Run (10 Ft Ganja Plant remix)
Vital Riddim – Abene
High Tone – African Airline

Podcast Dubstep

Inna Dub Style Vol.6

Africa Hitech – Too Late (Dub)
Free the Robots – Mental Universe
Hubwar – Media
LV – CCTV (feat. Dandelion)
Easy Stars All-Stars – Any Color you Like
Spoek Mathombo – War on Words
Anenon – Wannabe (Spice Girls)

Podcast Reggae Trip-Hop

Voices Vol.2

Blundetto – Voices (Blundetto Dubadub)
Up, Bustle & Out – Everyday
Ancient Astronauts – Surfing the Silvatide
Ticklah – Si Hecho Palante (feat. Mayra Vega)
JStar – Unbreak my Dub
Easy Stars All-Stars – the Great Gig in the Sky (Dubphonic remix)