Den Sorte Skole

Den Sorte Skole is a Copenhagen-based DJ, producer and composer collective founded by Simon Dokkedal, Martin Fernando Jakobsen (on leave since 2011) and Martin Højland in 2003. By sampling music from all across the world and genres as diverse as folk, psych rock, early electronic music, reggae, classical and all kinds of field recordings they take the listener on a truly unique journey through musical history and beyond. The sound is original, massive and highly enchanting.

Psychedelic Beats

That ’70s Show

Everydayz – June 21 2011
Fid Mella – O’OH
Den Sorte Skole – Track 4
mikedecline – Sucre Man
James Pants – Through the Rabbit Hole
Dexter – San Francisco (feat. Dj Adlib)
Dexter – Psychedelic Club Scene…

A night at Moody’s

fLako – Gelis
Neotropic – Train to Katoomba
Mo Kolours – Sumerian Mother
Noyce – Lucy
the Books – S is for Everysing
Den Sorte Skole – Le Brin
the Young Gods – Ouverture…

Oriental Beats

Enter the Beat Vol.3

La Fine Equipe – Chomsky Says
Dirty Art Club – Napalm Skyline
Madlib – Indian Bells
Cut Chemist – Adidas to Addis
Onra – I wanna Go Back
Da Poet – Battle Royale
Oh No – Funeral Parlor…