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Hit the Road Vol.1

03 July 20131 comment Mashups & Edits

Post-Punk Edits

One of the best thing during holidays is driving at night. It could be a chore because of fatigue and stress but it’s more often a pleasure, a promise of good time and discovery. So what’s best for your next trip than a special night drive consistent playlist ? It will be your best friend when you’ll slip on the road while everyone around is asleep. The whole mix has a strong 80’s feeling with many edits of post-punk artists like Tom Tom Club or Talking Heads and even Mop Mop‘s edit of little-known Turkish singer Erkut Taçkin perfectly matches the general mood.

As she’s a specialist in night’s long journeys, I’d like to dedicate this playlist to my girlfriend… Sylvia, this one is for you !

Erkut Taçkin – Sevmek Istiyorum (Mop Mop rework)
Jackson Jones – I Feel Good, Put your Pants On (Pilooski edit)
Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (Nirobi edit)
Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood (Hwen Rascale short edit)
the Clash – The Magnificent Seven (Dj Cold Duck re-edit)

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  1. azboogie46 September 21, 2013

    Different ride indeed, Loved this. Thank you!! <3

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