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Voices Vol.3

06 May 2013no comments Silky Soul

Photo : Laura Burlton

Just an advice : keep this one for your bed. This moment in the dark when just before sleeping, properly installed in your bed, your ears become your eyes. The sweetest Nu-Soul voices will show you magic tales of everyday heroes and recount how desire, pain and love make them the most unique and common humans. You’ll smoothly navigate those silky voices far far away until the waves drop you into the promised land, appeased and thankful. Text and photo are of course non-contractual. But it’s worth trying…

Choklate – Heavy
Erykah Badu – the Healer
Akua Carson – Push Harder
Seinabo Sey – Outlines
Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire
Nonameko – Full Moon

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