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Cocina Economica Vol.3

20 November 2013no comments Tropical Sounds

Nueva Cumbia

Super Pollos. Not that the chicken is my favorite Mexican dish but 1/ this is a funny name and 2/ it perfectly fits with the title of this Nueva Cumbia series : Cocina Economica. I went several times to Mexico so I had the pleasure to discover the simple but delicious Mexican cook : Tamales, enchiladas, quesadillas… Pinche buena comida ! But my best culinary memory is situated in Palenque, in front of a bistec ranchero, guacamole and, of course, a fresh Bohemia… Mexico is such an amazing and beautiful country, I only hope that violence generated by narco traffickers disappears as quickly as possible, so people there can live in peace.

Dj Dus – Enemigo Publico #1
Celso Piña, Control Machete y Blanquito Man – Cumbia Sobre El Rio
El Hijo de La Diabla – La Pollera Colorada (El Pollo Loco remix)
Los Chinches – Serpiente Negra (Panikoo remixxx)
Conjunto Tipico Vallenato – Cumbia Cienagera (Afro Kumbé remix)
Petrona Martinez (feat. Martina Camargo) – La Petronita Martinez (Atropolis remix)

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