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Number One Station Vol.7

14 September 2013no comments Reggae Dub Vibrations

Reggae Discomix

Among all the creative ways used to distribute Reggae music in Jamaica there is the discomix. In order to take advantage of the extended bass range of the 12-inch singles, better suited to dub music, producers started to press records with the vocal track followed by a dub or a deejay version of the same track. Directly inspired from American’s disco extended 12″ version, this formatĀ appeared in Jamaica in the mid-1970s and became as popular as the 7″ single format for some time. Personally, Reggae discomix is the format I like more and more to listen to. Instrumentals and dub are often more experimental and that’s the best way to extend pleasure so… Let’s get disco, big up !!

Junior Murvin & Trinity – Time Stiff / Time So Rough
Gregory Isaacs & Ranking Buckers – Slave Master / Captives
Madoo & General Echo – Hotel Fee
Tristan Palma, Jah Thomas & Toyan – Entertainment
Cornell Campbell & Lee Van Cliff – Boxing around / Look how she Fat

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